About Us

Steve Rehnborg and Meghan McInnis Rehnborg met while working for a local tech company in Raleigh in 2008. They bonded over nature, traveling, the local restaurant scene, and, most importantly, a shared passion for their home. The two have now been in Raleigh for over 12 years and aspire to bring their ideas to life through Civic Flags.

The company began with a single vision: to embody the pride and history of Raleigh by producing city flags that everyone will want to fly. Steve came across the idea while working for a startup in the Briggs Hardware Building in downtown, which is known as Raleigh’s first skyscraper. Due to its history, the building is now home to the City of Raleigh Museum where Steve took notice to the original Raleigh flag, hanging proudly within its own exhibit. Passing it each day on his way in and out of work, he first developed the idea to create a product representing this authentic image of the Raleigh flag that its residents could hang just as proudly in their own homes.

Steve and Meghan were inspired during their travels after seeing the flags of Barcelona, Chicago, and San Francisco, and wanted to see the same passion surrounding the city flags of Raleigh and Durham.

Civic Flags was born out of a mission to fly local flags and empower communities to embrace the pride of their city. Starting with Raleigh and Durham, our hope is that by making these flags available to our home and our neighbors to the Northwest, we will begin to see the Triangle flooded with the colors of Civic Flags.